Tips  for a balanced diet

balanced diet

With proper nutrition, we need to monitor our weight and the number of calories we consume each day. A balanced diet is very important.

If the calorie content of food is greater than needed, the use of even very healthy foods can lead to a set of extra pounds. The body mass index should be no more than 27 kg / sq. m. To obtain this indicator, the weight of a person must be divided into an indicator of his height, squared.

Healthy diet menu

In the healthy diet menu, you should control the amount of fat in the diet. Two-thirds of all fats should be in unsaturated (liquid oils, vegetables). Most of the energy (over 50%) must be obtained from fruits, vegetables, legumes, and whole-grain products. During the day we need to eat at least 400 grams of vegetables and fruits. We also need to limit the number of foods saturated with fast carbohydrates (sugary drinks, honey, and sugar). Instead of sweets, eat dried fruits. Control the amount of salt in the food, and lower it to the bare minimum. Smoked, salted products and ready-to-cook foods should be avoided. A healthy diet menu should be enriched with the necessary amount of minerals and vitamins. In periods of weakened body or disease, multivitamin supplements should also be consumed.

These are the main principles of healthy eating, and if we use this tips, it is possible to make nutrition useful and healthy. There are many more tips available about eating and quantity of food we need to consume during the day, but these principles depend on various factors: the weight of a particular person, his/her daily routine and physical activity.

Healthy eating on a balanced diet

First, we need to say that proper healthy eating on a balanced diet is a varied diet with the optimal amount of properly prepared and healthy foods. In the world there is no such product then we can consume so that our body can receive all the necessary substances. Fruits should be eaten for breakfast, and vegetables with each meal on a daily basis. When talking about protein foods, preference should be given to lean meat (chicken, beef, or rabbit).

We can eat any fish because it contains a lot of useful amino acids. On a proper healthy diet, it is necessary to eat a portion of porridge as a source of energy necessary for the body. Replace the white bread with a bread made of whole-wheat flour or consume a whole grain bread. Do not forget about low-fat dairy products as a source of calcium and other vitamins. Yogurt, cottage cheese, and milk should be consumed daily. Serve a portion of vegetable salad with a tablespoon of sunflower oil. Do not forget about enough liquid (we should drink not less than one and a half liters on a daily basis). Products need to be boiled, stewed, baked or steamed.



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