Higuain moved to Chelsea until the end of the season

gonzalo higuain

The loudest winter transfer window deal in Europe has finally been officially announced: Gonzalo Higuain, who currently plays for Juventus, interrupted the Milan lease and went to Chelsea again for rent. At the end of the season, rental under certain conditions may be extended for another year. Chelsea also has the opportunity to buy the striker for 36 million euros.

Higuain flew to London

On Wednesday morning, Higuain flew to London, underwent a medical examination and signed a contract. For the match with Tottenham in the League Cup semi-final on Thursday, the Argentine did not have time to declare, but he is hardly ready to benefit so quickly.

“He is one of the best forwards in my career. I hope he starts to score soon. I know that he has some difficulties now, but we hope that he will be able to get in shape”, said Maurizio Sarri.

Milan, instead of 18 million euros, paid Juventus 9 million – for half a season of Higuain at San Siro – and bought Krzysztof Pentek in exchange. The Pole is the main sensation of Serie A of this season: he scored 9 goals in the first 7 matches – and 13 goals in 19 matches by now.

Not everyone in England is sure that Higuain will solve Chelsea problems

“They already had it with Crespo – they bought it for a lot of money, but it didn’t work out for him”, said Sam Allardyes. To Higuain, he doesn’t know what awaits him in the Premier League with its speeds. The opinion is not particularly valuable, but many people share skepticism in England.

Perhaps even in the Chelsea manual. The club hasn’t spent much money on older players for a long time and doesn’t offer them long-term contracts – so the likelihood that Chelsea will eventually buy back the Higuain contract, as Juventus wants, does not seem too high. Even if the Argentinian immediately starts to score.

The tendency that journalists are trying to spread to Azar is false – Surrey demanded about the same as from Higuain (the Belgian was not a false nine), and even hinted that he would be the champion with Higuain.

In any case, the rent of Higuain seems to be an important concession to Surrey, whose business is not very good lately. If the situation does not change in the near future, it will be difficult for the Italians to rely on the execution of new ones.

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