US tablet and laptop ban – What does it mean for air travelers?

us laptop ban

The US government notified airlines serving airports in eight majority-Muslim countries that airlines will have to prevent their passengers from carrying on tablets, laptops, or digital cameras on all flights from those airports to the US. The US has been considering such a ban for some time due to reports that militant groups want to smuggle explosive devices in electronic gadgets, like tablets and laptops. Air travel remains a priority target for terrorists. Officials said that passengers still could take their cellphones and other small devices into the cabin of…

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Honey Roasted Apples

honey roasted apples

Apples are great for your health, because they provide vitamin A as a powerful antioxidant to help resist infection and scavenge free radicals that cause inflammation, and are especially high in vitamin C which actively protects you high blood pressure and the blood vessel changes that precede heart disease, and according to latest research, vitamin C protects against cancer. Honey has many health benefits when used in moderation (assuming you’re healthy), energizes our body, boosts immunity and fights bacteria.

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