Attack Fat Fast

This is the right track, this is the way, fat doesn’t deserve mercy, fighting fat is a war and it needs to be attacked fast. Okay all of this to say, when your goal is to lose fat, just go for it. Make it your only goal, and get results fast.

Don’t worry about gaining muscle, or even strength while burning fat. Dedicate three or four weeks to the war against fat. Burn it fast and then go get your other goals. In my own experience and for what I’ve seen with so many other people, it’s harder and slower to achieve different goals all at the same time. It’s not impossible, but it’s less effective.

If you really need to lose a lot of fat fast, well take a month to do it, give yourself a limit of time and do it. Do your cardio every day, a mix of HIIT followed by a steady state. Do it 4 hours after the more recent meal you had. It’s very important to have your sugar levels low, really low.

Some people like to do that in the morning, but I don’t think it’s the best way, for one reason, you’ll stress your adrenal glands and your body will release cortisol, cortisol breaks down muscle and holds fat, and you don’t want that. It’s better to eat an early lunch and workout at the end of the afternoon.
stomach burn fat

  • Eat a low-calorie diet for a month, eat zero carbs for a month, except one piece of fruit per day. You have to make sure it’s a low cal fruit like pear and a few others.
  • Eat mostly protein and veggies, eat no more than two or three meals a day, low-calorie meals. REMEMBER that, it’s very important, and add some healthy fats like olive oil, to soup or to fish and salads, healthy fats are fundamental to burn fat.
  • It is very important to eat your dinner until 8 pm and then don’t eat again. Let your body fast until the morning, it will work wonders for you. Remember to drink 3 L of water every day.

It’s a simple, yet effective plan. Like in everything else in Life, the more simple the better and this simple plan will get that fat melting off your body. Good Luck.

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