How To Make Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies

chocolate chip cookies

Chocolate Chip Cookies are a type of biscuit that won billions of hearts across the globe. Chocolate Chip Cookies are found on the windows of most coffee shops around the world. It is fairly easy to prepare them. Not everyone can ideally do this because we need to know a few important facts about the preparing process.

Making a perfect chocolate chip cookie

Here are the most important points we need to know when making a perfect chocolate chip cookie:

  • Butter should be very soft, ideally at a normal room temperature which is around 70 to 75 ° F (about 21 to 24 °C).
  • In many recipes, it is advised to replace the brown sugar with honey or white sugar, but it is way better to buy and use brown sugar. If we want to stick with the original recipe, then all components should be unchanged. And without brown sugar, the biscuit will lose its golden crust, it will melt less in the mouth, and yet its taste will be slightly different.
  • Choose the right chocolate. Not only the chocolate taste is important, but we should not forget that the size of the chocolate droplets is crucial too. Of course, it is not necessary to buy special chocolate droplets/chips for cookies, but it must be the right size. The crumbs should not be too large or too small. Therefore, try to chop the chocolate in equal parts and the chocolate droplet size should be the same as the original version of cookies. Chocolate should be without additives and fillers, it should either be bitter black or something between black and milk. If the chocolate is too milky, it may melt during kneading and baking.
  • Do not bake a huge batch of cookies. Even in a tight container with proper handling. It is also important to eat them freshly prepared, ideally within the first 5 days after they have been made. Optionally, we can freeze the dough and get for baking at the right time. The dough can be stored in the freezer for up to 2 months.
  • Cookies with chocolate chips should be baked for no more than 10 minutes, ideally, 8 minutes is enough. If you overdo it, the chocolate chips will burn, and the base will be dry. There are many people who neglect this rule, so pay attention and watch the timing carefully.

Cooking process

The actual cooking process does not take much time, so turn on the oven beforehand so that it can warm up. During baking, it should have a temperature of 374 °F (about 190 °C). While baking, the dry ingredients mix together. Separately, whisk butter and 2 types of sugar with a mixer. Without turning off the mixer enter vanilla, optionally add few eggs.

Turn off the mixer and mix the liquid and flour until smooth. Important: just interfere, and do not beat. In the end, gently mix with chopped chocolate. Spread the dough on dry parchment, forming its circles and send it to the oven.

After the chocolate chip cookies are being baked, leave them about one hour at room temperature and they should be soft inside and crispy outside.

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