Healthy Food – Myths and Facts

myths about healthy food

If you want to lose weight and feel great and comfortable in any situation, you can start training, and maybe you decided to improve your health quickly? The first thing you need to do is make changes in your diet. Period. This is a very long article, but if you read it closely, you will learn the greatest myths and facts about healthy food. Healthy and proper nutrition is the most important, so do not neglect this. Many people know that it is important to eat properly, but considering this…

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Attack Fat Fast

This is the right track, this is the way, fat doesn’t deserve mercy, fighting fat is a war and it needs to be attacked fast. Okay all of this to say, when your goal is to lose fat, just go for it. Make it your only goal, and get results fast. Don’t worry about gaining muscle, or even strength while burning fat. Dedicate three or four weeks to the war against fat. Burn it fast and then go get your other goals. In my own experience and for what I’ve…

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Kim Kardashian explained the question which interested everyone!


Kim Kardashian gave a video interview to Vogue magazine recently. Her fans finally saw the house of the TV star, which he and Kanye had been building for several years. The house was designed by Axel Vervoordt. It is a cathedral of warm, Belgian minimalism but enormous is the coin of the realm here, everything designed on the scale of more. There is a staff kitchen—where the family inevitably winds up spending most of their time together. Also, there is a show kitchen, with an island as big as a…

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