Healthy Food – Myths and Facts

myths about healthy food

If you want to lose weight and feel great and comfortable in any situation, you can start training, and maybe you decided to improve your health quickly? The first thing you need to do is make changes in your diet. Period. This is a very long article, but if you read it closely, you will learn the greatest myths and facts about healthy food.

Healthy and proper nutrition is the most important, so do not neglect this. Many people know that it is important to eat properly, but considering this a complex and burdensome process, they do not strive for change. In fact, if you look into this issue, you will understand that proper nutrition is quite easy and also very tasty.

Proper nutrition for women is the healthiest diet

Diet plays a crucial role in obesity. Healthy foods and drinks are put together and carefully prepared to help patients cope with being overweight. Here are some tips:

  • Do not mix vegetables with vegetables.
  • Use vegetables and fruits as tasty snacks in salad sauces.
  • Replace cream or mayonnaise with buttermilk or yogurt.
  • The correct taste is provided by herbs and spices.

The transition to another diet does not occur immediately, the body must get used to, restructure and adapt to new healthy food and products. Therefore, do not be alarmed if it is not immediately easy and comfortable, after 4-5 days of the new diet the body will respond with pleasant sensations, the main thing is not to give up until this point.

Spread several dishes throughout the day

Used sparingly and carefully, spices do not muffle the internal taste of food but emphasize it. Instead of eating three large meals, experts recommend five to six smaller servings per day. In the case of obesity, healthy foods high in fiber, such as whole grains, can be considered for main courses. Suitable snacks include fruits and vegetables, as well as low-fat dairy products. Such a diet reduces the load on the body and ensures stable operation.

After a period of getting used to the new diet, it will become easier for you to digest food, and therefore, the time after breakfast, lunch, and dinner will not be a burden. After meals, there will be a surge of energy, but it is normal because healthy food gives us strength and energy. The desire to lie down after eating will disappear, on the contrary, there will be a desire to do something useful.

The vitamins obtained from food will be enough to nourish the organs all day, which means that it will be possible to work much more without being distracted by the thought of food.

Social and cultural changes

Social and cultural changes not only affect our consumer behavior but also how we eat. Traditional consumption patterns dissolve, the working world becomes more mobile, food must go fast and be uncomplicated. Food pyramid shows how you can eat balanced and healthy. The most important message in advance: nothing is forbidden – it depends on the correct number and combination.

food pyramid

Food is our main source of energy

Healthy food provides us with energy, which is the fuel of our life. It provides our bodies with vital nutrients, keeping it healthy and effective. The main sources of energy are carbohydrates and fats. But, our metabolism also requires proteins, minerals, fiber, vitamins, and water.

Naturally, health and many illnesses that may have been before will improve, will have to retreat. The immunity will improve and the work of all organs will be improved. The appearance will improve, the skin will become a pleasant color, and the entire condition will visibly recover. The entire organism will become one integral mechanism, which is aimed only at helping you, to live comfortably and joyfully.

How much food (energy) we need on a daily basis?

How much energy a person needs in a balanced healthy diet depends on several factors. Adults need more than children, men more than women, very active sports people more than less sporty oriented. However, if you consume more energy than you consume constantly, it will be noticeable on a scale – the weight will increase. On the other hand, if the body lacks essential nutrients, it eventually returns to productivity. You’ll feel lame, tired, unfocused.

Nutrition Diet

The food pyramid helps us find the right balance. A total of seven healthy food groups form segments of different sizes in the pyramid. The larger the segment, the more often these products are allowed in the menu, and the more you can eat them.

Your body is ready to give you in gratitude for the fact that you will properly supply it with the necessary minerals and elements. Here we have such an organism, if you are good to it, then it will respond in the same way.

Essential substances for the body

Water, tea and juices

Drinks are the basis of the pyramid. To be balanced and healthy, people need plenty of fluids. Water transports nutrients in the body to where they are needed, and waste again. This literally ensures the smooth operation of all body functions.

The recommendation is at least 1, 5-2 liters per day. Suitable thirst quenchers are mainly mineral waters, sprinters and unsweetened fruits and herbal teas. So, drinks that do not have or only a few calories and at the expense of energy, are unlikely to matter.

Vegetables and fruits

The second largest group of food pyramids – vegetables and fruits. They are rich in vitamins and minerals, contain bulk fiber and water. Five servings per day are optimal, especially if three of them are vegetables or salad. One serving – one or two hands, full or from 130 to 150 grams.

Fruit juice should replace no more than half the recommended amount of fruit from time to time – it no longer contains all the valuable components of the fruit.

vegetables and fruits

In order to create a proper diet plan, you need to know what should be included in the menu. There are a number of useful elements, vitamins, minerals that must be obtained daily, with a certain amount of them. If you eat right, you can achieve balance in the body, and, consequently, feel much better.


Long-term energy from potatoes and cereals, Cereals and potatoes rank third in the food pyramid for a healthy diet. Their high starch content provides lasting energy. The blood sugar level remains constant, one is more saturated and powerful. In addition to cereal products such as flour, semolina, oatmeal and cereals, potatoes, pasta, and rice also provide valuable carbohydrates.

To have a balanced diet, at least three servings per day come from this group on a plate – if possible, from whole grain cereals.

Proteins are an important component for the body. They are the basis for the structure of fibers, cells, and muscles. Once in the body, organic protein is broken down into amino acids, which are absorbed and as a result are converted into a protein of another kind.

No one has any questions about the importance of protein for humans, it gives an opportunity to move, it produces energy, thanks to it immunity is formed and antibodies appear that fight against diseases.

Essential substances for the body

A little further on the food pyramid is milk and dairy products. They are important sources of protein and calcium for muscles, organs, skin, and hair. About 10-15 percent of the energy consumed per day adds to a healthy and balanced diet of egg whites, distributed over several meals, three portions a day is good. It is important to choose low-fat milk and dairy products.

Meat as an important source of iron

It is useful to know people who cannot tolerate milk sugar, the so-called lactose: lactose-free milk contains as much calcium as “normal” milk, and therefore is also suitable for a balanced diet. Fish, meat, sausages, and eggs can be found on the same level in the food pyramid as milk and dairy products.

Meat provides the body with protein, vitamins B and iron. This is not only important for the formation of blood as well as for the weapon, but also for the intact immune system. For a balanced diet, two or three small portions of meat and sausage are enough, together not more than 600 grams per week.


First of all, fats are a source of energy that is needed on a daily basis. Fat cells protect the organs, enveloping them with a fat membrane. A large amount of vitamins is absorbed only due to fats. It should also be noted that even the brain can not function without them, because most of the brain is made up of fat cells.

You can not exclude fats from the diet, for example, if you want to lose weight. This does not solve the problem of excess weight, but health spoils significantly.

Low-fat options are better suited – among other things, because of cholesterol. It hides in eggs: therefore no more than three eggs per week are recommended. Sea fish can be served twice a week. The best are from 80 to 150 grams of fat-free fish, such as cod and haddock, plus 70 grams of high-fat species such as salmon, herring or mackerel.

The oils are suitable for frying or refining salads, but preferably only in small portions. Oils and fats with rodents make up the top of the pyramid. Enjoying moderately, they are part of a balanced and healthy diet.

Edible fats differ in the composition of their fatty acids. Saturated fatty acids are mainly found in foods of animal origin, such as butter, lard, bacon, and cream. Too much of this can negatively affect cholesterol levels. On the contrary, most vegetable oils are rich in unsaturated fatty acids.


It is carbohydrates that give most of the energy, they are the basis of many metabolic processes. So that the heart, nervous system and brain do not let you down and do not disturb you with unpleasant sensations, carbohydrates are also needed. There are fast and slow carbohydrates. They perform the same function, however, the speed of their exposure is different, because of the different reaction to them in the body.

Sweets, why does the food pyramid come without food bans?


Sweets are desirable during a diet. Since the body cannot produce them on its own, they must be absorbed through a diet. They often hide a lot of sugar and fat as a compact source of energy. As an acceptable alternative to chocolate, chocolates or pastries, to satisfy a sweet hunger, a nutrition expert recommends fruits or sweet tasting vegetables such as peppers or carrots.

Bans are usually counterproductive – and feed traction. To be able to enjoy – very consciously, rather than mass – is part of a balanced and healthy diet.

Eating often fast carbohydrates, the body quickly absorbs them and just as quickly requires the continuation of the banquet. Gradually, getting used to their body ceases to absorb them at all, well, they have nothing left but to be deposited somewhere in the area of ​​the tummy.

Fast carbohydrates are sweet and baked goods, do not eat them too much.

Are the recommendations on the food pyramid really for everyone?

With the Food Pyramid, we try to capture the needs of most of the population. Accordingly, the need for human energy should be covered 50-55% carbohydrates, 30-35% fat and 10-15% protein.

What about vegetarians or vegans

Those who want to completely abstain from animal products should be very careful with his diet to prevent deficiencies. This is especially true of iron, which is mainly found in meat. Calcium in dairy products can often be replaced by a good selection of calcium-rich mineral waters.

Slow carbohydrates are assimilated longer, and therefore, longer does not allow the body to starve and nourish it with energy for much longer. Thanks to carbohydrates, the level of cholesterol in the body are normalized.


Do not forget about water. All processes take place in the body thanks to the water, without it the full operation of a single organ is impossible. Everyone knows that you need to drink water, but, nevertheless, they drink little during the day. Too much water is also not worth drinking, otherwise, they will wash out the body of nutrients.

If at some point you wanted to drink, do not hold back your desire, be sure to drink. The body needs to give as much fluid as it needs.

How to accurately determine the individual energy requirements?

Of course, the rule of thumb about the ratio of carbohydrates to fat and protein also applies to vegetarians and vegetarians. In addition to gender, age and size, the working turn also plays a role. That is, someone performs an easy sedentary occupation or performs physically difficult work. Add to this how active a person is. How high the optimal number of calories can be calculated with our clicks with a few mouse clicks.

How professionals who travel a lot and come to dinner irregularly can work optimally balance energy consumption.

First of all: a good breakfast! This may be, for example, wholemeal flour rolls with low-fat cheese or cereals, both filling and providing long-term energy. Fruit and vegetable sticks, or, alternatively, a cocktail or fruit juice for a spoon, help against hunger between them.

In order to satisfy your appetite, it is recommended to use vegetable dishes and salads.

But remember that there is also harm from all the above substances because it is important to maintain a balance between them. All items must come in varying quantities. Most of the body needs carbohydrates, they will be half the entire diet, fats in second place in quantity, they need half the amount of carbohydrates, and proteins will be half the amount of fat. And of course, do not forget about vitamins, they are no less important for a person.

What food to avoid

First of all, Asian cuisine with its low-fat preparation is suitable here. What’s next to the right amount and combination of healthy food, just as important for a healthy lifestyle. This not only improves physical fitness but also ensures mental satisfaction and balance. And: Training can also burn from 300 to 500 calories per day.

On the one hand, we take our nutritional education mission very seriously. Currently, there are 3, 7 million visits per year. Among them are also 400 registered nutrition experts, doctors, and teachers. On the other hand, of course, a lot happens with our products. Among other things, we are working to improve the nutritional value of products. In addition, the compositions are revised, so that artificial flavors and dyes are prohibited from products.

Proper nutrition. How to make a menu

Drawing up a scheme of meals, be sure to note that it would be best if you eat at the same time every day. The menu has a very beneficial effect on the body, but unfortunately, this is not always possible. If there are difficulties with nutrition during the day, then take it as a rule at least, so that breakfast is always at the same time.

By combining partial, accurate nutritional values ​​for packaging, we help consumers keep track of their energy and nutritional bills for a balanced and healthy diet. Many people want to eat healthier but shy away from it. A healthy diet often looks much more expensive.

This may be true, but not necessarily. Whether a healthy diet is more expensive for you depends on how you eat so far. If you are already preparing each meal yourself, carefully plan your purchases and do not throw away any food, then you already eat very cheaply. But if you are currently still on one or the other finished product, then there is definitely still room for maneuver.

If you occasionally pick up a piece of bread here in the bakery, buy the Go to Coffee cocktail several times a day or bring dinner to an Indian, sushi master or pizza, then you can leave with homemade healthy food at the end of the day.

Breakfast is the most important meal

It is best to provide the body with products that are more caloric and nutritious at this particular time. Breakfast charges a person with energy for the whole day, what will be the morning meal of such a day.

Do not neglect breakfast, it is your main friend on the way to good health, beauty and productive working days. In the first half of the day, the body should get a little more than half the daily norm. In the morning, the body is located to receive nutrients and assimilates them easier, transforming them in favor of all organs. Meals during the breakfast, so that it includes slow carbohydrates in large quantities, dilute the protein food.

In the evening, do not eat fatty and heavy foods, which will be assimilated for a long time, better eat something fruitful or, for example, yogurt. It so happened that the most voluminous intake of healthy food falls on dinner, but you need to leave this. If you eat less at night, then sleep will be calmer, the body will rest faster, which means it is better to get enough sleep.

In the morning there will be no feeling that someone chewed and spit out at night, you can confidently say that you have a good morning.

What food should we consume for a balanced diet

An indispensable component of health – a balanced diet. It provides a person with energy and substances that form the body, and which regulate metabolic processes.

To know how to eat, you need to answer the questions: when to eat? What should be the food? How to cook it? As it is?

Some girls, not wanting to get slimmer, try to eat less often. And what happens? Usually, they eat in two doses more than the body can absorb, and then some of the undigested food turns into fat. A man not only does not lose weight and even more fat.

healthy food facts

If you always eat at the same time, the whole body is prepared in time for eating: gastric and intestinal digestive juices are secreted. As a result, food is well absorbed. But if it’s dinner time, and the person hasn’t eaten, the digestive juices will be wasted, and this is harmful. So the first rule is: try to eat always at the same time.

Of course, you heard that healthy food contains proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, mineral salts, and water. And all of them are very necessary for the body.

Proteins contained in animal products – meat, fish – are called animals. The growing organism especially needs them. Muscles, skin, brain, internal organs are “built” of animal proteins. Children are very well absorbed by animal proteins contained in milk and dairy products. That is why there must be milk in the diet. Vegetable proteins are found in peas, beans, and bread.

The body needs to replenish the spent energy. And this helps carbohydrates and fats. Carbohydrates are found in cereals and bread, potatoes and other vegetables, sugar.

In the spring and at the end of winter, there is a lack of vitamins in the body

Of course, you know boxes and jars of vitamins. Some will buy sweet pills containing vitamins and eat almost the whole pack at once.

Then suddenly all of a sudden nausea and the headache begins. This is how the body lets know about the increased content of vitamins. Therefore, preparations of vitamins can be taken only on the recommendation of a doctor, or at least with the permission of adults.

The composition of the human body includes a variety of substances: iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium, etc. But most of all in the human body is water. Our brain, for example, contains 80% of water, muscles have 76%, and bones consist of 25% water.

That is why man needs mineral salts and water so much. We drink water when we want to drink, it enters the body with juices, soup, compote, milk, and also with other healthy food products. Some contain a lot of water, such as cucumbers and watermelon.

  • There is water in meatballs, and in bread, and even in bread crumbs. Without water, there will be no life processes.
  • Without food, a person can live for weeks, without water – a few days.
  • Mineral salts are found in the most common foods: cabbage, apples, milk, fish.

Hence, the second rule of nutrition: you need to eat a variety of foods. And at the same time try to use the most useful products: milk, meat, and various vegetables: carrots, beets, turnips, turnips, cabbage, tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers.

Try to drink at least 0.5 liters of milk per day. But macaroni, cookies, sweets and generally flour and sweet should not be carried away. On the day of no more than 6-7 tablespoons of sugar. In the spring you need to eat more vitamin-rich healthy food: sauerkraut, jam, salads from early greens.

It is useful to drink at least a glass of juice a day

Excessive or insufficient nutrition has a negative effect on the body. With over-nourishment, body weight increases significantly, which can lead to obesity, and, ultimately, to various cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, metabolic disorders, etc.

When a person is malnourished, they lose weight drastically, their well-being deteriorates. , efficiency decreases, immunity decreases.
That is why it is so important to follow the rules of rational, balanced and nutritious healthy food.

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