Xiaomi Introduced 20 New Products to the World


Recently, Xiaomi held its 9th Mi Fan festival. As expected, more recently, Xiaomi introduced a large number of new products to provide its users with more interesting memories. To be precise, the company showed the world 20 new products at once, among which, by the way, not a single smartphone was included, which is a little sad. In fact, not every new product is really NEW. Some of the list today just appeared on the Chinese market for the first time, others got a big discount in the official stores…

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Joy and care to patients in European hospitals provided by the ZORA robot

robot zora

Modern technology and gadgets are very interesting because we see in them something new and unusual that makes us acquire something from them. Usually, we tend to lose attention to these gadgets after several weeks or months. After that, the gadget is put away into a closet or into a corner of our garage. Find out more about joy and care provided to patients in European hospitals by the ZORA robot.

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The first 5G iPhone arrives in 2020

iphone 5g

The first iPhone to come with support for the 5G network will most likely appear in 2 years. What is unknown is which company will be the manufacturer of the 5G modem. Apple has an agreement with Intel, but the company is not satisfied with the performance of the chip. The biggest problem is the overheating of the 8060 chip.

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