What’s better? Freshly squeezed juice or smoothie?

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When you think of healthy food, the first thing that comes to your mind is surely fruit and vegetables 🙂 That’s because there is no balanced and healthy diet without them. It’s full of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, and it’s very delicious.

Lately, many people use the daily dose of fruits and vegetables to consume it in the form of fresh juice or smoothie, because in this way they can experiment with different tastes and combinations. So that’s why the dilemma immediately arises, is it better to have a freshly squeezed juice or a delicious blend of the smoothie? There is nothing wrong with the two processes, but there are some differences that can help you choose the best for you.

Fresh Juices

Fresh juices are ideal when our immunity is low or when we are sick. Since we can drink more juice than we can eat fruit, vitamins and nutritional ingredients can help us improve immunity. They are great for detoxification and refreshment throughout the day, but it is good to mention that it is best to drink the juice while fresh, or at least 30 minutes after it is made.

Nutritional fibers are a very important element of the fruits, so make sure you have a good juicer, which extracts most of the good ingredients from the fruit.  Most centrifugal juicers create heat and release oxygen, resulting in a loss of some of the enzymes and nutrients in the juice. On the other hand, the new Philips juicer offers a new technology for extracting the juice with the scrubber up, which results in 10% more juice drained out of the fruit. A great advantage is the innovative FiberBoost technology, which allows you to choose the texture of the juice. This juicer’s ability allows the juice to contain up to 50% more nutritious fiber, making it thicker, but also more nutritious.

When blending the fruits and vegetables, nutritious fibers break down, which helps the body to slowly process it and it does not cause a sudden increase in blood sugar. Additionally, the fibers help to expel the toxins from the body faster.

Smoothies are ideal for breakfast or snacks

On the other hand, smoothies are ideal for breakfast or snacks. In the dynamic world, we live in, smoothies are also a great way to have a healthy meal or snack filled with vitamins that will return your energy throughout the day.

When we talk about smoothies, we can not pass the blenders. There are generally two types of regular and ultra-fast blenders. As you can guess, the latter is much more powerful.

Philips’s new blenders, thanks to their technology, make the process of making a smoothie quick and easy. We focus on the Philips Avance model featuring a powerful 1400 W engine and revolutionary 3-blade technology in different directions with up to 35,000 RPM. This technology separates more nutrients from fruits and vegetables and with it is wise homogeneous and has a smooth texture, making it easy to drink. Thanks to the high power, you can put ice and nuts on it to make it even more delicious and healthier.

Many people make mistakes, making a smoothie that contains only fruits and vegetables. This way you get a heavy, heavy-drinking porridge. These are our tips to make a perfect smoothie: use one-third of fruits, one-third of vegetables and one-third of water.

Both fruit and vegetable processing processes are healthy and have advantages, but you should keep in mind that not every juicer and blender will give the same results. Perhaps for a better device, you need to extract a little more funds, but you should take into consideration that the quality of the resulting juice or smoothie will be at a completely different level.

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