Meghan Markle on a trip to Morocco

meghan markle morrocco

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are completing their official visit to Morocco amid the scandal that erupted because of the luxurious party for the occasion of the future birth of a child that Meghan Markle in New York baby shower last week. Meetings with young entrepreneurs and girls from rural areas receive secondary education through the efforts of a charitable organization, it would seem, should have somewhat smoothed out the unpleasant impression that the British showed a frank demonstration of their wealth to the Duchess. However, in Morocco, Meghan could not help but choose luxurious designer outfits for public outings.

On Saturday evening, the Duchess of Sussex appeared in public in a luxurious scarlet dress-cape created by Valentino, and on Sunday arrived at a meeting with young female entrepreneurs in the residence of British Ambassador Thomas Reilly in a cream dress-caftan on the floor, created by Dior especially for her. All day, the prince and his charming wife made a number of important visits to remote places in the North African country, and in the evening Meghan and Harry went to the British ambassador to Morocco. All press attention was riveted to the next bright image of pregnant Megan, and, as expected, the representative of the royal family, who has impeccable taste, the Duchess did not disappoint fans. Classic gold pumps and an elegant clutch complete the look, all also Dior. Birks Snowflake Snowstorm earrings glittered from jewelry on Meghan.

The only attempt to somehow get closer to the people was Meghan’s outfit, which she chose to meet with rural girls in the town of Asni in the Atlas Mountains: instead of designer dresses, the Duchess of Sussex chose wardrobe items, the price of which is not a four-digit, but a three-digit or two-digit amount – Alice blazer + Olivia worth 394 pounds sterling, Birdies ballet flats worth 90 pounds, and a Wilfred scarf worth 67 pounds.

Meghan Markle’s love for luxury life in general and for designer clothes, in particular, is increasingly being discussed in British society, which is now in a somewhat disturbed state due to the fact that UK is leaving the EU. Meghan is increasingly trying to remind him that he is not a movie star, but a member of the royal family, who befits a completely different kind of luxurious lifestyle that she is showing now.

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