Xiaomi Introduced 20 New Products to the World


Recently, Xiaomi held its 9th Mi Fan festival. As expected, more recently, Xiaomi introduced a large number of new products to provide its users with more interesting memories. To be precise, the company showed the world 20 new products at once, among which, by the way, not a single smartphone was included, which is a little sad. In fact, not every new product is really NEW. Some of the list today just appeared on the Chinese market for the first time, others got a big discount in the official stores of the Mi Store.

Xiaomi’s organization showed users new products like laptops, smart sneakers, several types of glasses, a walkie-talkie, suitcases, a rice cooker, wireless vacuum cleaners, and various electronic watches. In other words, Xiaomi announced the really necessary things in everyday life. The entire list and description of the items are listed below:

Xiaomi Mijia multifunctional electric saucepan – $ 60
Xiaomi Mijia steam rice cooker – $164
Kitchen machine Xiaomi Mijia – $104
Xiaomi Mijia wireless cleaning robot 1S – $179
Xiaomi Mijia sweeping robot 1S – $298
Electronic clock with temperature and humidity sensor Xiaomi Mijia – $12
Xiaomi Mijia giant gel pen – $3
Xiaomi Mijia roller skate protection kit with helmet – $30
Xiaomi Mijia Walkie-Talkie 2 Walkie Talkie – $67
Xiaomi rocket, recently launched into space (the price is not being announced yet)
Xiaomi Mi Notebook 15.6 inches – $566
Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air 12.5 inches – $536
Xiaomi Mijia children’s blue-eyed filter glasses – $15
Adult glasses with a filter of blue rays Xiaomi Mijia – $15
The pro-version of the glasses with a blue ray filter Xiaomi Mijia – $22
Xiaomi Mijia Smart Sneakers with Self-Laced Property – $ 149
Suitcase Xiaomi 20 inches – $42
A youth version of the Xiaomi suitcase – $30
Xiaomi 24 inch suitcase – $56
Xiaomi suitcase 28 inches – $71

It should be noted that the company is not going to limit itself to this event.

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