Kate Hudson Weight Loss Secrets

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A 34-year-old Kate Hudson openly says that she manages to maintain an ideal weight only thanks to a special diet and regular workouts.

“There are always a lot of delicious, tempting meals that I want to try. Sometimes I can’t help myself, and then I have to work on the simulators for hours to burn off excess calories,” says Kate Hudson.

The last time Kate gained weight during the pregnancy with her second child in 2011, but several months after giving birth, she was able to fully regain her normal weight.

“Exhausting six-hour workouts are quickly getting everything back to normal”, says Kate Hudson.

Here are the basic principles of the Kate Hudson weight loss diet:

  • The calorie content of the daily diet should not exceed 1,800 calories while maintaining a normal weight (when trying to lose weight, the daily diet should not exceed more than 1,500 calories).
  • Daily training (fitness, cardio, yoga, running, jumping rope, etc.) for at least one hour.
  • Experience the pleasure of losing weight (this is what Kate calls the most important principle of her diet).

Diet menu

Here is a sample menu for one day. You can change the meals and foods at your discretion, as long as the daily calorie content does not exceed 1500 calories. Be sure to eat meat or poultry every day, and eat seafood and fish at least three times a week.

  • Breakfast: 150 grams of fish and green salad.
  • Tea time: One apple (any other fruit or berries).
  • Lunch: 150 grams of beef steak and steamed vegetables.
  • Lunch: A glass of yogurt.
  • Dinner (not later than 19:00) : Fruit and vegetable salad.

Effectiveness of the weight loss diet

Let’s say that, basically, the Kate Hudson diet is almost completely reminiscent of the protein diet, both in its diet and in its effectiveness. However, given the mandatory physical exertion of Kate Hudson’s power system, we can confidently say that you can really lose up to 10-12 pounds after one month of exercise and careful diet.

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